Statek Pavlišovo, Blatiny – luxusní ubytování na Vysočině


Společné prostory statku

In the common rooms of the homestead, there is a big kitchen equipped  with a refrigerator, a freezer, hotplate cooker , an electric oven, a dish washer, a cooler, a hot-water heater and an espresso machine. Your stay may be dulcified by Moravian wines or meat from a smokehouse. The dining hall with tiled stove will be appreciated by everyone, mainly during  winter seasons.


Původní zrekonstruované chlévyThe reconstructed original cowsheds with vaulted arch and the fireplace create pleasant atmosphere while having a glass of wine in the evening.  There is also a playroom for children with a DVD player and a number of games and toys, which will be appreciated by both, children and parents during rainy days.



Venkovní dětské hřištěThe outdoor playground in a fenced garden with an orchard will attract children and mothers would be able to enjoy a cup of coffee, surrounded by peaceful countryside of Vysočina.  As a part of the garden, there is an outdoor fireplace with benches, two natural pools (one for bathing and one decorative with small fishes) and a parking lot.  In the enclosed homestead yard, there is a roofed grill also with space for sitting.

Relaxační zónaThe relaxation zone with a great whirlpool and a sauna with a view into the garden will dulcify the stay for all guests that come to relax in our homestead.  Mainly in winter many guests will appreciate a dryer for clothes and shoes, which is a part of the common dressing room.

Homestead is not suitable for weddings, parties and corporate events.

no dogs Dogs are not allowed
no_smoking Smoking is not allowed
prezuvky_s_sebou Bring your own home slippers