Statek Pavlišovo, Blatiny – luxusní ubytování na Vysočině


Environs of Homestead Pavlišovo

Apart from a comfortable accommodation, there is a variety of summer and winter sports activities. In summer you can go hiking, rock climbing, cycling and there is a sustentative pond called Milovský rybník (just 10 minutes by car).

There is a number of marked tracks for cycling, for mountain bikes as well as for a normal bicycles.
In winter, there is a possibility of cross-country skiing on tracks round Blatiny. For advanced skiers, there is a ski resort called SKI-NMNM with a racing tracks circuit (25 minutes by car).

Down-hill skiing is possible at ski slopes in Svratka and Nové Město na Moravě.

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Summer activities

Mountain bikes
Safety bikes
Tennis courts in Sněžné
Golf course in Svratka
Pond Milovský rybník
Horse riding
Mushroom picking

Winter activities

Cross-country skiing (up to 200kms of sustentative tracks leading even to Nové Město na Moravě - ski area Golden Ski)
Down-hill skiing (ski slopes in Svratka, Harusův kopec in Nové Město na Moravě and in Hlinsko)
Swimming pool and bowling in Hotel Podlesí

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